web dev





A website is only limited by your imagination and the scope of your business directives helps define your web requirements.



We are dedicated to producing unique and lasting digital portals that meet the individual needs of the client.

Our vision is to create a dynamic face for our clients through varied multimedia channels to capture the market most suited to the product or service.



Toast will help you chose your domain with expert care and professional advice in today's ever growing domain name extensions



Toast offers many packages of hosting that cater to your needs.

Small business servers or unlimited web sharing is both possible. We are also very affordable.



It is best to keep the design principles open ended as technologies change swiftly on the internet.

This allows rapid alteration or customisation as well as the natural growth of your business data and requirements from your internet portal.

Your web site is a dual gateway of information dispersion for your customers as well as a valuable cost effective marketing tool for your business, product or service.



Toast web sites are geared for the majority of users found on the internet and do not explicitly target one operating system or device in hopes of attracting customers from one user base.

Toast understands that the device landscape is open ended and could change tomorrow. Phones, Tablets are just the start of this digital screen race.

We identify that the customer plays a major role in how the web site should be created and we tailor our design principles and programming accordingly.


Marketing and aesthetic design is the craft of linking the producer with customers, both existing and potential.



The web is an ever changing soup of technology that requires a swift responsive strategy.



Content Management Systems

Toast activates & deploys C.M.S. systems that allows you total control of the web domain.

You can access and manage all the aspects of the content. This saves you a great deal of costs over the life span of your business and allows you to react within minutes of changes within your business sector.

Toast uses technologies that are inline with the standards of the most common internet workflows while still adhering to marketing and advertising principles, gaining you more exposure to web traffic and relying on search engine friendly results.



Online Stores

Toast can design a web site that will allow the consumer access to comprehensive payment facilities in order to purchase on-line.

Toast can marry the commerce site to a catalogue of stock, instigate a stock, take purchases as they are made and prompt further promotional information to be despatched to customers.

Generate anniversary or promote repeat purchases to client databases without the costly burden of sales staff and advertising.

This media is far more diverse that can be categorised in a simple outline - toast will work with their clients to tailor a custom built product to suit the demands of the business.

Toast can create these tools for your website to keep your brand knowledge of existing clients and potential clients “in the mix”.

This will instil constant promotion of new products or changes, cement loyalty following and once you have gained that following, encourage feedback.

This semi automative interaction, creates the ultimate climate, improving customer conversations and dissipating potential problems without extending budget costs just to communicate with your purchasers.



Virtual Sales reduce overall costs dramatically in output and attract a global marketplace for your business